Studio Policies

Payment accepted by cash or check payable to Valerie’s Dance Studio. Sorry, we do not accept credit or debit cards.

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy requiring a phone call to 610-696-5015. Telephone notice is required for cancellation of booked lessons. A text message or email is not a valid substitute. Without a phone call 24 hours in advance, you are responsible for payment of the booked lesson. You will not be charged for cancellations due to weather related conditions.

Shoe Policy
Congratulations! You are planning to dance on a floor designed for professional dancers and properly maintained for optimum performance and safety.

Proper Dance Shoes — Like other sports and activities, dancing requires proper footwear. Suede-soled dance shoes or dress shoes with hard tan leather soles are appropriate. Please show me what you have in mind if you are not sure if it is a good dance shoe. A proper shoe will protect the floor — and make it easier to spin, pivot, and glide.

Carry Your Dance Shoes — Like quality gymnasium floors, dance floors need to be protected from exposure to grit, water, and shoe marks. Tracking in rain, snow, ice-melting compounds, grit and dirt on your shoes is dangerous to fellow dancers, adds to maintenance and wears the surface.

Fortunately dance studio etiquette offers an easy solution to clean shoes/clean floors. Carry in your dance shoes. Carry them out. If your dance shoes double as everyday shoes, please clean the soles before coming to the studio.

Thank you for respecting our policies.

Take the first step, call 610-696-5015