About the Studio

Valerie’s Dance Studio is fun for everyone, regardless of their dance ability. We instruct beginners through experienced dancers who want to polish their style and add new steps.

Learn to dance in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. Lessons are personalized to your ability and the studio is private. Our dance floor is designed for professional dancers and properly maintained for optimum performance and safety.

We teach dance steps you can use at social events and dance etiquette so that you’ll know what to do on a crowded dance floor. You’ll learn to dance to what’s playing — instead of waiting for a song you heard in dance class.

We offer classes in:

  • fox trot
  • rumba
  • swing
  • jitterbug
  • waltz
  • cha cha
  • salsa
  • mambo
  • merengue
  • American tango
  • country
  • night club
  • samba
  • bolero

Take the first step, call 610-696-5015