wedding dance
Your Wedding Dance

Your first dance should be one of the many beautiful memories of your wedding day. By preparing in advance, you will be able to relax and enjoy your moment. We pride ourselves on our talent for turning a potentially uncomfortable first dance into something very special.

First of all, no contracts, no minimum packages, no additional fees. Just preparing for your wedding dance. Take one lesson or 100 — you choose the number of lessons you want.

Comfortable, Fun & Productive
Lessons in a private setting makes it easier to try something new and learning comes easier. All our wedding couples have the entire studio during the lesson. No sharing the floor with another instructor and his students. Having all your lessons with the same instructor makes learning easier and faster, too.

It’s Your Day
Your first dance can be anything and everything you and your fiancé want it to be — simple and elegant, playful and fun, traditional or non-traditional. Bring your special song or I can help you select one that appeals to you and lends itself to a beautiful first dance.

Dancing from the Heart
Our dance lessons are a chance for couples to do something fun together during those busy pre-wedding months. Instead of memorizing a choreographed routine, you will learn basic and easy steps and patterns to help you move smoothly around the dance floor. Basic and easy dancing translates to relaxed and confident on your wedding day. For a dash of awesome and a great photo opportunity, we will add an elegant entrance and a simple dip.

Friends & Families
Besides first dances for wedding couples, we also offer lessons for:

  • the bride and bride’s father
  • the groom and groom’s mother
  • the parents of the bridal couple
  • the entire bridal party
    • Take the floor with grace and confidence on your big day and enjoy the romance of your first dance as a married couple.

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